Epidemic Urbanism Initiative: An Interdisciplinary Collaborative

Epidemic illnesses are as old as cities themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic put into perspective the impact of epidemic illness on urban life, and exposed the vulnerabilities of the societies it ravages as much as the bodies it infects. How can epidemics help us understand urban environments? How can we leverage these insights to better prevent and more justly intervene in future pandemics? To answer these questions, Drs. Mohammad Gharipour and Caitlin DeClercq founded the Epidemic Urbanism Initiative (EUI) in March 2020. The EUI welcomes collaborations with colleagues across the globe in academic institutions, international practices, government agencies, NGOs, and other settings and is open to working on funded research projects that align with or extend our mission.

EUI Spotlights

Learn more about the history of the EUI in this keynote address delivered by Drs. Mohammad Gharipour and Caitlin DeClercq to the 4T International Design and Design History Symposium in November 2021.

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