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About Epidemic Urbanism

The Epidemic Urbanism Initiative responds to the need to engage architectural solutions to global concerns about health and equity raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. The EUI formed in March of 2020 to assemble a community of experts focused on urban areas and the social problems of people living in cities, and we continue to create dialogue around issues related to architecture, space, health equity, and epidemic disease.

The Initiative has grown to include a board of experts, 1,800 scholars and professionals, and a team of Regional Liaisons from around the world with the aim of sharing learning and teaching resources by hosting events, planning workshops, and sharing online collections of videos and educational tools.

The EUI founders, board, and liaisons are volunteers, and all contributors have provided their professional and scholarly insights in the interest of sharing with an international audience. All EUI events are recorded and placed in an online video archive collection, which is available for educational use.